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Most company’s consider “rate analysis” to be one of the only tools for controlling cost in a deregulated energy market. However, rate analysis represents just only one of many useful methods for creating saving opportunity’s in a deregulated environment. Rate analysis by itself results in many stones left unturned and many other possibilities missed.

Quick Energy Solutions augments rate analysis with a comprehensive set of other valuable services that mines not only regulated markets but the deregulated territories for opportunity. Our extensive and detailed approach reaches both and includes the following services:

  • Rate Analysis – Our energy professionals recommend the tariff rate that best fits your company's energy usage history, operational needs, and company objectives. In addition, we look for ways to reduce your costs by closely monitoring utility rate changes on a daily basis and any other correlating energy market intelligence that could impact your business.
  • Contract Negotiations - Some energy usage patterns provide companies with leverage to negotiate with utilities for better contract conditions or rate structures including load factor, usage and on or off peak usage. Quick Energy Solutions has the solutions to not only identify these opportunities for your business, but also has the ability to negotiate your contracts with the utility and suppliers on your behalf from honed expert knowledge.
  • Tax Exemptions - Energy-related tax exemptions can bring significant savings for companies, but determining relevant opportunities requires extensive knowledge of specific operational details. Our energy consultants proactively identify energy-related tax exemptions applicable to your individual situation.
  • Market Intelligence – Quick Energy Solutions has professional analysts devoted to every single energy market, as well as all utilities and regulatory bodies that affect pricing. Our professional energy experts are very acutely attuned to identifying all opportunities associated with each specific utility and geographic areas and do the hard work for you. We watch the market around the clock so you don’t have to.
  • Utility Invoice Auditing – Quick Energy Solutions can audit your electrical expenditures and can ensure the accuracy of your utility invoices through a detailed auditing process. On every audit performed there is always discrepancies and we can put that money back into your pocket. If we discover a billing error, we immediately resolve the issue on your behalf in essence giving you “found money”.
  • Energy Budgeting - By adding our market intelligence to your company's historical energy usage patterns and other key factors, our energy experts can predict accurate forecasting of utility rates and recognize key points to reduce your energy costs for each of your facilities. Our customized and informed forecasts can lead your business to more tactical energy budgets that make sure you save more on your bottom line.

We have the people, processes, expertise and technology needed to save money and improve several often overlooked opportunities for your company to reduce costs. Contact us to learn more at 855.535.2149 for your free consultation.

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